Chalking – from Score to Dance

Padmini Chettur I encountered the dance score of Padmini Chettur in 2018, when we were preparing her archive-based exhibition in Yogyakarta (shortened Jogja), Indonesia. The exhibition was part of Jejak!Tabi Exchange: Wandering Contemporary Asian Performance*, a smallish, rather intimate artistic exchange platform I coinitiated, which took the form of a [...]

Conversation with ‘Aalaap’

In conversation with Aswin Prabhu for ‘The Aalaap Magazine’. Ashwin : Tracing the history of art, one has seen painters slowly but surely move away over the ages from ‘literal representations’, from a focus on ‘realism’ towards a more abstract, ‘personal’ form of expression. This [...]

The Body Laboratory

Padmini Chettur Published in ‘Tilt, Pause, Shift’ : Gati Dance Forum Introduction. The body is the only archive of the physical memories of dance. As choreographers, our work on the physical body will eventually be lost. This, in my mind, is good but at the [...]

Conversation with M. Natesh

In conversation with M. Natesh for ‘Seminar Magazine’. Natesh is a visual artist, who has worked in the performance arts. Chettur and Natesh both live and work in Chennai and for the last two decades have followed each other’s work and exchanged thoughts and ideas on contemporary practise. [...]

The Honest Body

Padmini ChetturPublished in ‘Voyages of the Body and Mind: Selected Female Icons of India and Beyond’ – Cambridge PublishersIn 1990, during my final year of chemistry studies at BITS Pilani, fellow dancer Krishna Devanandan invited me to visit a rehearsal at no.1 Elliot’s Beach, home and [...]

Cultural Cooperation

Padmini ChetturPublished in ‘Zwischenräume’ – Goethe Institut BerlinAfter two decades of working in the dance world, I can safely say that dance eludes me more and more. I am perpetually oscillating between positive feelings of hope and conviction, negative ones of hopelessness and despair. The irony [...]