Project Description

3 Solos (2003)

If the body stood rooted, yet tried to move, it.would create tension inside it. The most peculiar tensions of spirals and curls. Lengthening, shortening tensions. Opposing, aligning tensions. The body could almost grow out of its own feet. Hardly moving, ever grounded feet. A homage to the rooted body.

Gently rocking centre. Pushing pulling centre. Contracting, expanding centre. Ever steady centre. Physical, emotional centre. Crying, laughing centre. Opening, closing centre. Centre we leave behind. Centre we take with us. A homage to the core.

In a square foot of space – stamping, stomping feet. Sliding, gliding feet. Feet leaving ground. Feet returning to ground. Caressing, punishing feet. Softening, hardening feet. Feet on a never ending journey. A homage to feet.

Duration: 60 min


Music – Maarten Visser
Set and Light – Sumant Jayakrishnan
Performer – Padmini Chettur
Photography – Laurent Phillippe