Women Dance

Women Dance (2023) performative installation Credits Concept: Padmini Chettur, Krishna Devanandan Choreography: Padmini Chettur Performer: Padmini Chettur, Krishna Devanandan, Ramya Shanmugam, Madhushree Sound/Music: Maarten Visser Commissioned by The Museum of Art & Photography Bengaluru Created for the exhibition: visible / invisible - Representation of Women in Art Photography: Sanchita [...]


A Slightly Curving Place

A Slightly Curving Place (2022) Padmini Chettur and Maarten Visser 2 screen video-installation. 26'40" A transplanted archaeological site in Anupu is both the subject and object of this film. Within it, a single body is lost in scale to the vast landscape or filling the frame to propose itself. [...]



Chalking (2021) performance and 4 channel video installation What does it mean to align oneself in space and time? Chalking deconstructs a body’s rotational possibilities - turning, spinning - into a vocabulary of tension and resistance, inscribing absence at the very heart of the body’s presence with others. The [...]


Philosophical Enactment 1

Philosophical Enactment 1 (2018) “But what does it mean?” is perhaps the most often heard response to dance that doesn’t in itself propose meaning. Some years ago, in a text, visual art curator Zasha Colah wrote: “Watching Chettur’s works, the complexity of an imaginary of the present moment becomes [...]



Varnam (2016) The project ‘Varnam’ began as a work for film, commissioned by Steirischer Herbst (Graz 2016). It was then reconfigured into a three-hour performance work, premiering at the Kochi Muziris Biennale (2016). Now, in its third form, it will become a shorter work for stage.’ Varnam’ is a multi-layered deconstruction of [...]



Kolam (2014) Kolam was created as part of the contemporary performance project ‘Stranger in Indian Paradise‘ conceptualized and created by David Rolland Choréographies. The work was commissioned by choreographer David Rolland. Ten dancers walk on a 400 sq. ft. carpet decorated with a gigantic kolam. The dancers move along the curved lines halted by [...]


Wall Dancing

Wall Dancing (2012) In an attempt to free the audience from the tyranny of viewing, Padmini Chettur’s new work is an installation of bodies in a room. Over the three hours that one can visit this performance, the dancers assume different configurations within the space, always allowing absolute mobility [...]



PUSHED (2006)The ‘beyond’ is neither a new horizon, nor a leaving behind of the past….Beginnings and endings may be the sustaining myths of the middle years; but in the fin de siecle we find ourselves in the moment of transit where space and time cross to produce complex figures of [...]


Beautiful Thing 2

Beautiful Thing 2 (2011) Beautiful Thing 2 position the body almost as an architectural object in an empty stage. Using time as powerful strategy in the very dramaturgy of presence. The performance prescribes nine lines in space. The physicality of the body becomes abstracted over time, till the spaces it holds and [...]


Beautiful Thing 1

Beautiful Thing 1 (2009)Beautiful Thing 1 can be seen as a construction in space, of time. The dancers are the discreet segments of a unique mathematical equation. An equation that is balanced, where disjointedness is sewn together. Blocks of movements are added, subtracted, multiplied until finally they arrive at meaning.The ‘blocks’ [...]


Paper Doll

Paper Doll (2005) The chain of paper dolls are cut out as children come to life. They represent what is perfect but what is also two-dimensional. A form easily broken, held together by the thinnest strips of flesh. The line unravels, then breaks into segments, clusters, fragments. Each affect [...]


3 Solos

3 Solos (2003) DANCE 1. If the body stood rooted, yet tried to move, it.would create tension inside it. The most peculiar tensions of spirals and curls. Lengthening, shortening tensions. Opposing, aligning tensions. The body could almost grow out of its own feet. Hardly moving, ever grounded feet. A homage [...]



Fragility (2001) A contemporary state of being we have all experienced. Those times when we abandon our strength to confront our weaknesses. Moments when we are caught off guard. When emotions are spontaneous. When we reveal who we really are. Fragility is to do with walking on the edge. [...]