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Course Description: The workshop begins with very precise and technical work on walking that will include alignment, weight transfer and possible ways to connect our bodies to external space as well as to each other. This work proposes to the participant to move away from individualised, stylised ways of thinking about walking, leading towards a [...]


Far from India

Malcolm Tay Source : http://inkpotreviews.com/oldInkpot/05reviews/0908%2Cpadmchet%2Cmy.html Date: , September 8  and 10, 2005 The Esplanade Theatre Studio Review : 3 Solos Padmini Chettur isn't feeling the love in her native India. Getting almost no support in her homeland, the classically trained dancer has to seek funding for her severe, stripped-down choreography from cultural institutions in Europe, [...]

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Varnam (2016)

A contemporary choreographic performance, looking at the relevance of the mudra (hand gestures) – seeking out their contemporaneity. A varnam is the central section of a Bharatanatyamdance performance, made up of two types of dance: one narrative, made up of sung words; the other – the [...]

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