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Padmini Chettur : Works and Thought

Course Description: In this course, the contemporary dancer Padmini Chettur presents her decades-long oeuvre over eight sessions (2-2:30 hrs/session), interrogating the relation between the body, movement and language. The course was originally hosted by BICAR. If you would like to know more about the sessions, please write to padminichettur@gmail.com. [...]

Padmini Chettur : Works and Thought2021-08-18T20:56:41+05:30


Kate Mattingly SommerSzene: China/India Various Venues, Salzburg, Austria June 21–July 14, 2007 Review : Paperdoll Typically home to the well-known dance makers coming from Belgium (Meg Stuart, Wim Vandekeybus, Alain Platel), SommerSzene opted for something different this year. Artists were selected from cities in India and China and came from different disciplines—dance, theater, music, film, [...]


Gerard Violette and Padmini Chettur See another Path

Paul Ben-Itzak Copyright 2006, 2016 Paul Ben-Itzak Source : https://danceinsiderblog.wordpress.com/tag/padmini-chettur/ September 6, 2016 (Originally published October 27, 2006) Review : Paperdoll Flash Flashback, 9-6: Battling the Dark Spaces In a World of Conflict, Gerard Violette and Padmini Chettur See another Path Well darkness has a hunger that’s insatiable And lightness has a call that’s hard to hear I [...]

Gerard Violette and Padmini Chettur See another Path2017-06-16T20:35:35+05:30

Einmischung in auswärtige Angelegenheiten

Franz Anton Cramer, Constanze Klementz Source : http://sarma.be/docs/934 Tanz als migratorische Praxis Theater der Zeit • 1 Feb 2004 • German Review : 3 Solos Contextual note: This essay was part of an issue with the main topic migration and followed by interviews with Akram Khan and Padmini Chettur. Tänzer leben beweglich. Das gehört zu [...]

Einmischung in auswärtige Angelegenheiten2017-06-16T20:38:10+05:30

(Zelf-)portretten op het podium

Pieter T'Jonck source : http://sarma.be/docs/2507 De Tijd • 3 May 2004 • Dutch Review : 3 Solos (tijd) - Het eerste weekend van het KunstenfestivaldesArts bood een merkwaardig staal van wat theatermakers op dit ogenblik bezighoudt. De resultaten lopen wel hemelsbreed uiteen, maar de vraag 'wie we zijn' komt in vele toonaarden terug. De vraag hoe [...]

(Zelf-)portretten op het podium2017-06-16T20:38:19+05:30

Indische choreografe Padmini Chettur met ‘Solo’ op Kunstenfestival

Jeroen Peeters Source : http://sarma.be/docs/671 In de tijd balanceren De Morgen • 4 May 2004 • Dutch Na jarenlange scholing in de tradionele Indische dans Bharatanatyam zocht de jonge choreografe Padmini Chettur hedendaagse dansvormen op. Inzet van haar onderzoek is niet aansluiting te zoeken bij de westerse dans, wel om de eigen traditie door te werken [...]

Indische choreografe Padmini Chettur met ‘Solo’ op Kunstenfestival2017-06-16T19:34:52+05:30

Conversation with ‘Aalaap’

In conversation with Aswin Prabhu for ‘The Aalaap Magazine’. Ashwin : Tracing the history of art, one has seen painters slowly but surely move away over the ages from ‘literal representations’, from a focus on ‘realism’ towards a more abstract, ‘personal’ form of expression. This has, over time, found a [...]

Conversation with ‘Aalaap’2017-06-18T12:50:33+05:30

The Body Laboratory

Padmini Chettur Published in ‘Tilt, Pause, Shift’ : Gati Dance Forum Introduction. The body is the only archive of the physical memories of dance. As choreographers, our work on the physical body will eventually be lost. This, in my mind, is good but at the same time problematic. All that [...]

The Body Laboratory2017-06-18T12:48:36+05:30

Conversation with M. Natesh

In conversation with M. Natesh for ‘Seminar Magazine’. Natesh is a visual artist, who has worked in the performance arts. Chettur and Natesh both live and work in Chennai and for the last two decades have followed each other’s work and exchanged thoughts and ideas on contemporary practise. Natesh : Do you remember [...]

Conversation with M. Natesh2017-05-21T18:10:31+05:30

The Honest Body

Padmini ChetturPublished in ‘Voyages of the Body and Mind: Selected Female Icons of India and Beyond’ – Cambridge PublishersIn 1990, during my final year of chemistry studies at BITS Pilani, fellow dancer Krishna Devanandan invited me to visit a rehearsal at no.1 Elliot’s Beach, home and workplace of Chandralekha. On stage, [...]

The Honest Body2017-05-21T18:12:20+05:30