Course Description:

In this course, contemporary dancer Padmini Chettur describes our simple actions – standing, walking, squatting, running – to more complicated ideas – plies, araimandi, single leg balances, jumps – taking for granted the pivotal idea that a body can connect to ground. Connect, receive energy, generate force which can then be transformed into other movements.

1. Spine; alignment, mobility, length, strength, stability, articulation
2. Grounding; weight transfer, using the feet, structure and musculature of legs, standing, walking
3. Centering; understanding centre, activating centre, connecting extremities, moving space,
revisiting spine and grounding through the centre, presence.
4. Practice/ Application; through learning and relearning a single phrase, participants will learn to
apply the knowledge of the previous 3 modules. When does dance begin?

October 3, 2022 onward, 8 sessions, Online.

Organized by Anandam.