Project Description

A Slightly Curving Place – A Study (2020)

2 screen video-installation. 2020, 11’16

This is a study towards a film for six dancers. It is composed of footage—findings and images—from a research visit to a transplanted archaeological site in Anupu. Shot tentatively early one morning and the next evening, it is a discovering of light: its directions, its qualities, what it does to the textures and shadows of the space. It is a study of volume and proportion: a single body lost in scale to the vast landscape or filling the frame to propose itself. It is also a thinking about perspective: the image of a dancer’s body moving in a space and the movement of a dancer’s body making an image, in conversation. It is a study of how to frame space, how to bring different temporalities—ancient and contemporary—onto the same plane, how to evoke history without narrating it. The images are heard through a score that asks us to listen to the textures of a potentially unravelling time and timelessness—a slightly curving place.

The film will be completed for a 2022 premiere in Dubai.


Choreography: Padmini Chettur
Concept / Konzept: Padmini Chettur, Maarten Visser,
Performer / Tänzerin: Padmini Chettur,
Sound/Music: Maarten Visser
Direction and editing / Regie und Schnitt: Sara,
Camera / Kamera: Anujan M.,
Commissioned by Haus der Kulturen der Welt
Part of The New Alphabet
With friendly support by Goethe-Institut e.V.
Created for the exhibition A Slightly Curving Place by Nida Ghouse