Project Description

Chalking (2021)

performance and 4 channel video installation

What does it mean to align oneself in space and time?

Chalking deconstructs a body’s rotational possibilities – turning, spinning – into a vocabulary of
tension and resistance, inscribing absence at the very heart of the body’s presence with others.
The performance segments and arcs movement – drawing, erasing, and recharting encounters.
The compositional structure is non-narrative, a material grid that stages the politics of dance, of
what it means to align oneself in absence, in the presence of others.


Choreography: Padmini Chettur
Sound: Maarten Visser
Dancers: Atri Nandy, Brandy Leary, Nithya Garg, Robert Kingsbury, Tanveer Alam,
Rehearsal assistant: Harikishan S. Nair
Photography: Greg Wong
Production: Anandam Dancetheatre