Project Description

Kolam (2014)

Kolam was created as part of the contemporary performance project ‘Stranger in Indian Paradise‘ conceptualized and created by David Rolland Choréographies. The work was commissioned by choreographer David Rolland.

Ten dancers walk on a 400 sq. ft. carpet decorated with a gigantic kolam. The dancers move along the curved lines halted by grids for the steps. As is the baseline of Rolland’s project, the dancers walk with the aid of pre-recorded audio guided scores recorded by Rolland and Chettur, delivered to them through individually allotted earphones. The contrast of the intense calm, concentration and sense of rhythm of the dancers, the apparently crude and chaotic background score (audible to the audience only), and the lighting designed by Rolland leads this work to a dramatic high.

Duration : 11 minutes


Music – Maarten Visser
Videography – David Rolland Choréographies
Production, Light, Technical Support & Costume– David Rolland
Copyrights – David Rolland